Man City Hammer Chelsea 6-0 to Put Themselves Back On Top of the Premier League Table

Man City are usually a formidable force but over the last month they have been questioned as it has looked as if Liverpool have had the Premier League title in grasp.

It was set to be a difficult duel for both Man City and Chelsea but after only 30 minutes the winner was distinct. Man City defeated Chelsea a bewildering 6-0.

Fans and players alike were stunned. Chelsea have never conceded 6 goals in their Premier league history.

Aguero Strikes Again

Everyone knows Sergio Aguero’s ability to find the back of the net but scoring yet another hat-trick to level the record amount, 11, set by Alan Shearer is phenomenal. With not one but 3 goals all hitting the net like a bullet from a gun, the Argentinian put on a visual masterpiece.

The game started at an expected fast pace but it only took the defending champions 4 minutes to slot away their first goal from England speedster Raheem Sterling.

Aguero and Gündogan followed suit with 3 more goals after just 25 minutes. The crowd went into a stunned silence as they were astonished with what they were witnessing.

The second half started and Chelsea fans were hoping, praying even, that Sarri would change his tactics to at least make it difficult for Man City to play.

How unfortunate they were. Pep Guardiola and his men, obviously in their oils after an astounding first half, were ready to burst out of the blocks again.

Sterling, as usual, was bursting down the wing with blinding pace and managed to draw a penalty from a poor timed tackle by Azpilicueta. A calm and collected Sergio Aguero tucked the ball away from the penalty spot to make it 5-0 to the home team.

Sterling’s second of the game, which made it 6-0, came in the last 10 minutes of the match which now puts him on 12 Prem goals so far this season.

City rivals Liverpool would be keeping a close eye on this fixture and the result is sure to cause some unsettlement in the club as the pressure is piling up on the Reds to maintain their number one spot on the table. 


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