Top 10 Wondrous Wonderkids Worldwide

10. Timothy Weah

Age – 19

Club – Celtic (loan from PSG)

Country – USA


Weah is classified as a center forward, but his wing game is so developed that you might as well just call him a general attacker, mostly because he is so good at creating from wide angles. Weah can also mix in a bag full of independent, defense-wrecking moves with his passing ability. His dribbling skills, paired with his speed, can eviscerate opposing defences.

9. Ryan Sessegnon

Age – 18

Club – Fulham

Country – England

Position – Left Wing/Left Back

Sessegnon is equally as quick with the ball at his feet as he is without it, another of the reasons he has been compared in style to Gareth Bale. He is quick of mind too, figuring a way out of tight situations before the defender can get too close – and if he does, Sessegnon beats him for pace. His balance and nimble, fleeting feet means he can twist and turn to win yards of space and keep passing moves going. 

8. Justin Kluivert

Age – 19

Club – Roma

Country – Netherlands

Position – Winger

Often positioned as a left winger, Justin Kluivert uses his great dribbling skill and jaunty acceleration to surge past defenders. His great strength is his ability to score off the dribble. When isolated on the left wing, he’ll try to fashion space by accelerating past his defender towards the box. On his right foot, Justin needs only a glimpse of goal to put a shot on target.

7. Christian Pulisic

Age – 20

Club -Borussia Dortmund

Country – American/Croatian

Position – Attacking Midfielder/Winger

Pulisic possesses speed, an incredible work rate – he averages over 10.2 kilometres per game – and a fearless willingness to take on his marker in one-on-one situations that would put his avatar on fifa 19 to shame. However, he is also comfortable on the ball and has a pass completion rate of 73 per cent in the league last term– a highly respectable return for an attacking player whose job is to play riskier balls forward.

6. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Age – 20

Club – Liverpool

Country – England

Position – Right Back

His close control, endurance, pace and dribbling abilities mean he is capable of making overlapping runs or carrying the play forward himself from deep. He also has the passing range to switch the play and the capacity to find teammates with crosses. Additionally, he has a tendency to make underlapping runs and as a result, has an exceptionally good scoring record for England’s Under 19’s, scoring 7 goals in 8 appearances. 

5. Vinicius Junior

Age – 18

Club – Real Madrid

Country – Brazil

Position – Forward

Vinicius, coming from the town of Sao Goncalo in Rio de Janiero, is gifted with the pace, the tricks and the vision replicating all the virtues of the Ginga style of play. He loves to wait to receive the ball and then run around with it, cutting vertically through the field whilst dribbling past the opposition. With an opportunity to counter-attack, he would burst into lightning speed, even leaving behind those who were in front of him.

4. Matthijs de Ligt

Age – 19

Club – Ajax

Country – Netherlands

Position – Centre Back

The 19-year-old centre-back has already showed that he is good enough physically and technically. He likes to keep things simple, although he is one of the best passers among the Eredivisie’s defenders. His height, strength and speed were the reason for him getting so much attention. He already has the tactical knowledge and always finds the best positioning, so he can contribute to the team’s performance in the best possible way.

3. Gianluigi Donnarumma

Age – 20

Club – AC Milan

Country – Italy

Position – Goalkeeper

One of his main strengths which is able to pick up on right from the start is his wonderful reflexes and shot stopping prowess despite his lanky frame. On many occasions this season, Donnarumma can be seen pulling off magnificent saves that many of the world’s goalkeeping greats would be proud of. Key to his wonderful ability to save shots is his fantastic positioning. He is always mindful of how and where he is positioned in relation to the movement and trajectory of the ball. 

2. Jadon Sancho

Age – 18

Club – Borussia Dortmund

Country – England

Position – Winger

He’s extremely quick, technically excellent and moves constantly, capable of dribbling his way past defenders or nipping past them with pace and a smart one-two. Despite his inexperience, Sancho tends to make the correct decision on the pitch, doesn’t attempt ridiculous tricks for no reason and finds the right pass quickly.

1. Kylian Mbappe

Age – 20

Club – PSG

Country – France

Position – Forward

The next Messi. The next Pele. The next Ronaldo. All terms have been used to describe the magical teenager. The French wonderkid has proven his talent on every level, scoring prolifically for Monaco and continuing to do so after his high-profile switch to PSG, breaking records on the international stage in between. His intelligent off-the-ball movement is still evident – a product of PSG’s fluid attack. Rather than using his sheer speed to leave defenders in his wake when running onto the ball, he now combines this extraordinary physical gift with his incredible technical ability. This has unleashed a ball-carrying menace that relentlessly attacks the opposition full-backs, usually leaving them in a heap thanks to his explosive change of direction or mind-bending manipulation of the ball.

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